There are some exciting changes coming for Monroe Christian Church!

The Opportunity

There’s a church in Taylor, Michigan, called Life Bridge Church. They started a few years ago and now have about 1,200 people. They purchased Taylor Lanes, a well known bowling alley that had closed down, and converted it into their church building—they even kept a few of the lanes! They believe God is leading them to become a multi-site church (i.e. a network of smaller congregations that are all under the umbrella of one church), and they plan to start their first new campus in Monroe.

Grant Agler, their lead pastor, reached out to our pastor, Scott Reed, and invited him to lunch back in October. Since Life Bridge and MCC are both non-denominational Christian Churches (and Grant and Scott both graduated from Ozark Christian College), Grant wanted to reach out to us before they moved in and planted a new church in our backyard. At some point in the lunch, as Grant talked about their plans for this new campus, the thought occurred to Scott that if our two churches have the same beliefs, values, and mission, maybe we could have a bigger impact by working together. So Scott asked him what it would look like if MCC became that new Life Bridge campus. Neither of them went into that lunch expecting to have that kind of conversation, but more meetings followed, as the leaders of the two congregations began discussing the possibility of a partnership.

Since then, after weeks of prayer and conversations, the members of MCC have voted unanimously to move forward with this opportunity. Basically, what that means is that Life Bridge Church will absorb Monroe Christian Church, and our members will be among the first members of the Life Bridge campus in Monroe. Naturally, this will bring about some big changes. Our mission and doctrine won’t change and we will continue to use MCC’s building, but the name on the sign will be “Life Bridge Church” and we will be under the leadership of Life Bridge’s elders and staff.

The Transition

Although most of the legal and financial steps were wrapped up as of January 1st, there is still plenty of work to do before we’re ready to launch the new campus! We hope to launch in the Spring of 2018—maybe as soon as Easter—but we’re not there yet. During this time of transition we will be looking for ways to prepare for the launch and help our two congregations get to know each other better, and at some point there will also be renovations and expansions to our building. Until then, MCC will continue to meet like usual in Monroe, both on Sundays and in our weekly groups and Bible studies, even as we begin to lay the groundwork for the more significant changes that will come with the new campus.

In the meantime, we invite you come along with us and see what God has in store for Monroe—and for you! Join us this Sunday at 10:30 am to find out!

You can learn more about Life Bridge Church at and