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What are Life Groups?

In short, Life Groups are an environment designed for connecting to other people, changing to become more like Jesus Christ and develop a growing relationship with Him, and cultivating a passionate concern for the lost and those in need.

Are Life Groups for me?

Yes! You don’t have to be a member of our church. In fact, you don’t even have to be a follower of Jesus. MCC’s Life Groups are open to anyone in high school or older. All we ask is that you commit to the group and respect your fellow group members. We long to see everyone in our church and local community involved in a group like this.

Are you already involved in a Bible study, Sunday School class, or other activities? Rest assured, Life Groups aren’t like a typical church group, and they are worth making time for. They are a unique environment designed for connecting, changing, and cultivating. Already involved in a similar group? No problem! We don’t want to compete with other churches or Christian ministries. All we want is to help people in the Monroe area to seek truth and know Christ, and our Life Groups are an excellent way to do that!

Are you wondering if you really need another activity on your busy calendar? All it takes to be a part of a Life Group is two hours a week! Your group may plan other activities from time to time, but they are entirely optional. All we ask is that you attend your group each week. There are groups offered in every area of Monroe County and almost every night of the week, so there is bound to be one that you are able to attend.

Come try it out and see what you think. If you’re still not interested after the first eight weeks, you can back out with no strings attached and no hard feelings! To sign up, just click here!

Why Life Groups?

Connecting – There’s an old Swedish proverb that states, “Shared joy is double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow.” Life Groups are a unique opportunity to develop relationships with fellow human beings who can share in our joys and sorrows. As we build relationships with other people–laughing, sharing food, meeting in one another’s homes, studying the Bible, praying, and walking through life together–we begin to experience that sense of belonging that every human being needs and longs for.

Changing – Life Groups aren’t just for learning more about Jesus; they’re an opportunity to develop a growing relationship with Him. Your Life Group will provide you with new knowledge about God and the Bible, but that’s just the beginning. Through prayer, Bible study, and building strong relationships, we help each other to become more like Jesus, and real life change occurs: addictions are overcome, relationships are mended, and sin is defeated! This requires each member to be honest and open with their group, while also being respectful and gracious with one another. Your Life Group is a safe place to ask questions and share your everyday struggles. When we take the risk of being honest and create a safe place for others to do the same, we have the opportunity to grow.

Cultivating – As we get to know each other and develop a growing relationship with Jesus, we also turn our focus outward. Group members support each other in seeking opportunities to reach the lost and serve those in need, encouraging each other and providing accountability. Your group may also participate in community service projects together, or a group member may invite a friend, coworker, neighbor, or family member who does not know Christ to join the group.

How does it work?

Each Life Group consists of 6-12 people. Your group may be made up of people who are in a similar stage of life (e.g. young adults, married couples, new believers, seniors), or it may be a totally diverse group. There will be one or two group leaders who are responsible for leading weekly discussions, staying in touch with all the group members, and coordinating the logistics of the group. If you have any questions or concerns, your group leader is always happy to help!

By signing up for a Life Group, all you are initially committing to is to meet with your group for eight consecutive weeks. All you have to do during this trial period is show up each week and participate as much as you feel comfortable doing. After eight weeks, you will have the option to change groups or back out. At the eighth session, the group will sign a covenant, which simply states that they are committed to meeting together for 18-24 months, and that they agree to be respectful, honest, confidential, and available. After the pledge is signed, no new members may be added unless the whole group agrees to it.

During those 18-24 months, your Life Group will meet once a week for about two hours at a time. These sessions will almost always take place in a group member’s home, and there will probably be food! The group time will consist of Bible study, discussion, and prayer. Your group may read a book together, follow along with a DVD study or curriculum, or simply open the Bible and discuss it together. Depending on what kind of material your group uses, you may be expected to read a chapter of a book or answer some reflection questions during the week, and then come to Life Group prepared to discuss it.

After 18-24 months, your Life Group will multiply. It might split into 2-3 new groups and welcome new members into each one. If your group is pretty small, it may simply add a few new members and continue meeting as before. Sometimes, each member will join another new Life Group, which may or may not include members from their previous group(s). There are many reasons for this system, one of which is that groups exist to Cultivate (see above), so multiplying is built into their very structure. When your Life Group completes its 18-24 months, you are certainly encouraged to continue developing the relationships that were formed within your group, but you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be part of a new group and connect, change, and cultivate with others.


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